What is BizkitLive all about?

BizkitLive is a fansite for Limp Bizkit. Our main goal is covering Limp Bizkit’s and their related acts’ (Big Dumb Face, Black Light Burns, Queen Kwong) concert history, present and future as well as covering Limp Bizkit news for fans who want to connect with the band. As of April 2019, BizkitLive has over 10000 social media followers, reaching a large portion of the hardcore Limp Bizkit fans from the band’s older and newer era.

Taking his friends at LPLive.net, the Linkin Park Live Guide as influence, german hardcore Limp Bizkit fan Garo launched BizkitLive in June 2011. The site has been created to serve as live guide for fans who want to know more about Limp Bizkit’s live performances and to supply bootleg traders and people collecting the band’s live recordings accurate recording source information.


What content can be found on this site?

The main content you will find on this site is the live guide for Limp Bizkit. The live guide includes every single known show that Limp Bizkit has played in their career. If there is information available for a show, it gets it’s own dedicated show page. The show page can include the played setlist, pictures and videos of the show, specific notes and known live recordings (sourced from soundboard, webcast, TV broadcast or the audience) listed as Source. If something special happened (for example live debuts, setlist changes during the show, extended jams) at a show, expect it to be written down at it’s show page.

To make show pages accessible easier and create an overview of played shows per year, we seperate the played shows in years. The year page includes the list of dates played that year as well as list of tours the band has embarked on, including listing of how many shows were played during that tour and how long the tour lasted. Additional coloring makes it easy for visitors to identify cancelled shows, available sources for a certain show or to see if a show was rescheduled for a prior cancelled date.

With the new version, we have dedicated the band’s related acts an own section. We are covering Wes Borland’s side projects Big Dumb Face, Black Light Burns and Queen Kwong, his wife’s Carré band. Also included in the related acts section are all guest apperances that Fred Durst and Wes Borland have made.


How did BizkitLive start?

When site admin Garo (nowfacethetruth) was about to go to his first Limp Bizkit show in Frankfurt, Germany in 2010, he knew it would change his life. While a good amount of Limp Bizkit fansites at the time (mainly The Armpit, LBUnderground.net and TheBoiler) were covering general Limp Bizkit news, none of them really documented the band’s live performances the way he saw his friends at LPLive.net do it. One month after he attended his first Limp Bizkit show, Garo decided to start his own live guide. Researching content and writing the page went underway for roughly 9 months and was ready to be published right when Limp Bizkit’s first album after their reunion in 2009, Gold Cobra, was due to be released. A new Limp Bizkit fansite called Bizkitlive.co.cc was born on June 25th, 2011. In its first 18 months, BizkitLive rose to a remarkable mark of 600 people following on Facebook, thanks to The Armpit with admin Marcelo at the time promoting the page. However, site admin Garo realized that he had to deliver own content to the masses if he wanted more people to follow his site and be different from the other fansites. When Wes Borland’s side project Black Light Burns announced it’s first European headlining tour, he saw his chance in delivering content to the masses by attending and video taping two shows from the tour. Following that, Limp Bizkit were announcing their first headline shows of their European tour that year and from then on, Garo would attend almost every headline show Limp Bizkit played in Europe and bring videos from these shows to everyone following his site and everybody looking for videos of the shows on YouTube. In addition to that, he purchased a .com domain to have the site gain better exposure and gave people following the BizkitLive Facebook page live updates from shows about setlists and posting setlist papers including information straight after the show he attended. BizkitLive 1.5 was born and went with BizkitLive.com as well as the content getting posted on the site’s Facebook page constantly.


How did this version of BizkitLive come together?

Development for Version 2.0 was supposed to kick off in late summer of 2013, but has been scratched for another 14 months. A new approach was taken in November 2014, when Garo and his helping hand David from Los Angeles, California came together to discuss how coding for version 2 should go. The decision to go with WordPress as site script was made and experimenting with the script started. Much deeper research has been done as effort to find much more content for the live guide. The Limp Bizkit Live Guide’s content has doubled with this version and in addition, the related acts have been added to the site.

As of January 2021, BizkitLive has more than 4000 people following their Facebook page, more than 800 people following their Twitter feed, more than 600 followers on Instagram and more than 14000 subscribers on their YouTube channel and version 2.0 has finally launched. Welcome to BizkitLive 2.0! If you have any questions about this site, want to give us feedback or have any information or media that we could find useful for the site, please head over to the Contact section and let us know!