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Welcome to BizkitLive 2.0 !

We are extremely happy to announce the launch of our brand new site!

As many of our early days followers remember, Version 2.0 was supposed to come out in 2013, but had been cancelled. That was the case, until now. We took a new approach in November 2014, when the decision to go with WordPress as site script was made and experimenting with the script started. After Limp Bizkit were done constantly touring by the end of 2016, we started getting the brand new site ready. Much deeper research has been done in effort to find much more content for the live guide. The Limp Bizkit Live Guide’s content has doubled with this version and the related acts have been added to the site.
We are now covering Big Dumb Face, Black Light Burns, Queen Kwong as well as Fred Durst’s and Wes Borland’s guest appearances, too. We insist on doing more research yet (especially for some of the related acts) and include a list of House Of Pain tour dates and DJ Lethal’s appearances, yet.
More than 1 year of work went into getting the new page done, starting with gathering ideas, continuing with a seemingly endless amount of time finding all the previously unknown content and finally, putting all this content on pages and adding many extras. Showpages have been restructured slightly and include more info than before and, where available, a video feed with high quality videos.

Writing down the entire changelog would take at least the same amount of the entire post, this is why we are mentioning our personal highlights here:

– adding more 1995 and 1996 dates, including opening for the Deftones and House Of Pain
– correcting the dates where the band opened for KoRn in 1996, the band only opened for the first part of that tour
– adding the 1998 Japanese headline tour and adding all remaining dates of the second half of the Ladies Night In Cambodia tour
– all June dates of the opening for Soulfly had been cancelled since the band embarked on a short Pre-Ozzfest US headline tour in June
– adding the West Hollywood 1998 show which was played to shoot scenes for the Faith video
– adding all the cancelled dates of the Back 2 Basics and Anger Management Tours in 2000
– adding the free London show in 2000, which was done to shoot the second appearance of Top Of The Pops that year which was previously thought to have taken place in 2001
– adding second dates for most of the European headline shows in 2001
– Limp Bizkit were due to play in Slovenia for the first time ever in 2005, but the tour was cancelled. The band never rescheduled a show in Slovenia so far
– adding 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013 rehearsals

Welcome to BizkitLive 2.0! If you have any questions about this site, want to give us feedback or have any information or media that we could find useful for the site, please head over to the Contact section here and let us know!
If you have been to a Limp Bizkit or their related bands show and brought home souvenirs such as setlist / schedule papers, a ticket stub, any kind of passes, wristbands, show posters, then please go to here to find out how you can help us.

We are more than excited to bring you the latest news in the next few months as Limp Bizkit kicked off their world tour in New Zealand today with none other than DJ Lethal returning for the first time since 2012!