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Disclaimer: BizkitLive is NOT the official Limp Bizkit page and we are not affiliated with either the band or their managgement. We are not in charge and don’t have contacts to book a show or schedule the band to appear. We are a fansite, created by fans of the band. Please do not contact us if you are trying to get in touch with Limp Bizkit or their management.


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Do you have any questions about something? Do you want to contribute a download or recording? See anything wrong on the site? Please E-Mail us here: admin(at)bizkitlive(dot)com


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If you request content to be taken down from the site or have any business matters to discuss, please contact us via E-Mail at


Media Disclaimer

We have used pictures in show pages in the first version of BizkitLive already, but have added many more and also started creating video playlists from shows and embed them into the show pages. This has been done to give further insight into the setting, performance, crowd and band during the concerts of Limp Bizkit and their side projects. All rights to these pictures are reserved by the original photographers and we take no credit for taking the pictures. We simply are trying to collect a few pictures from each show to display on the website. There is no signup or membership required to see these pictures and we do not claim them as our own. If we know who took these pictures, we credit them in the other notes section of the show page.

There are cases in which people submit pictures to us from shows and crop the watermarks/tags out, and we are unable to figure out where they come from. We try not to use these, but with hundreds of show pages, it is possible a few end up on the website. If you see one, please contact us. We are very prudent with posting ANY official pictures unless they were posted by Limp Bizkit or a band / live crew member, a promoter or the venue the band played in.

Some pictures from shows are used from the social networks Instagram and Flickr, which are not official photos and taken by concert attendees. Usually, these pictures are hashtagged with #limpbizkit and are always public (not private) pictures. Should there be a request to have these removed as well, please let us know.

BizkitLive does NOT claim ANY kind of ownership in the rights of any media posted on social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. We don’t intend to harm with displaying these pictures. Should you not wish to see your pictures here on BizkitLive, please don’t hesitate to contact us at legalbiz(at)bizkitlive(dot)com so we can remove them immediately.