Contributors & Thank You

Below are listed all helping hands and people who contributed to BizkitLive since its start in 2011:

First of all, we would like to thank everyone that has recorded and released or traded a show. You are the reason why we can add so much more content to this site, especially for the older shows. Also a huge thanks to everybody who decide to even release their recordings.


Major Contributors

Major contributors for BizkitLive are people who were very helpful for finding new content, help us behind-the-scenes and people who are very important to the site.

These are their names and named contributions:

Fred Durst (for all the fulfilled setlist requests over the years including the magical BizkitLive poll setlist show in Haarlem 2014, for all the great moments on tour and giving us reason to continue running this site)
Wes Borland (also for all the fulfilled setlist requests including the magical BizkitLive poll setlist show in Haarlem 2014, for shooting the short video with us after the Black Light Burns show in Frankfurt and great moments on tour)
Franko Carino (for many great moments on tour)
Gabe Karon (for being an amazing man behind the scenes and making sure we have even better times on tour)
Brian (for reserving setlist papers at almost every European show that Garo has attended in Europe in 2013 and 2014)
Felipe Mendes (for all the hard work to find previously unknown recordings and giving hints how to find more content for this site)
Marcelo Tulio (for the promotion, many info contributions and giving more insight sometimes)
Mark Terell ( admin and HUGE influence on this entire project during the years, also a great friend and helping us find necessary info whenever LB and LP played a show together)
William (for being a faithful site partner in crime when I couldn’t post on Facebook and a good partner in crime during tour)


General Contributors

This list includes many many people who contributed us show info, setlists after the show and who sent us useful media:

Cory Durst, Jazzlobber, Limp Bizkit Japan, Rob K., Alex FxS, paulb, Steffen Z., Michael H., Marcin Rudnik, Leonardo M. P., Meisti, Tobit, Ludwig Stadler, DeeSeven, jederlacht, Martin2k17, Painkiller, Ulle, oak_leon, Daniel J., RockNRollReCollections, Simon v. H., limptones

It is impossible to mention everyone here because we’ve gotten so much information from so many people throughout the years. We thank each and everyone who helped us with any kind of useful information.



Following websites have helped us gain information for this site:

The Armpit ( (
Wayback Machine (
Blabbermouth ( ( (