This is something we hoped we’d never be forced to do. BizkitLive is humbly requesting your help. In Novmeber 2017, we were asking for donations from our followers for the first time in 6 years of existance. Doing this project is very fun, but it also takes much time and financial effort to keep it up with content. We have avoided asking for donations for a long as possible, but for us to remain completely ad-free (something we take very seriously when thinking long-term about the site) and to continue providing new exclusives we feel that it is necessary to ask for donations. As always, thanks for the HUGE support for the site over the years, as always, this is for the fans, by fans. If you donate 10$/€ or more, we kindly ask you to supply your desired name so we can mention you as one of the donators below.

You can donate here: PayPal

Disclaimer: Since the PayPal account is signed to a € based account, the main currency is €. Please change the currency to USD when donating if you are from outside the Euro zone.



These people helped us funding old school tapes partially and bringing a previously unheard 1997 Limp Bizkit demo to light:

Eric Schlag, Simon von Holdt, Rob Kersten, Aaron Nohr, Nicola Peiffer, Stefan Güntsch, Ben Lewis, André Kunkel, Rex Sheldon, Martin Pahl, David Tang, Michael Berger, Sander Valcke, Roman Setschnoj, Петрашень Томас, Evgeniy Zykov, Sergej Shvets, Scott Rockdale, Tobit Schmalstieg

We thank you VERY much for helping us.