Full Troubadour show audio recording

It has been one year since DJ Lethal returned to Limp Bizkit in New Zealand and also one year since we launched this version of our website!
No matter if you were watching our videos on our YouTube channel or following our coverage on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagramthank you for your continuous support over the years!

Less than two weeks ago, the original lineup of Limp Bizkit, including Fred Durst on vocals, Wes Borland on guitar, Sam Rivers on bass, John Otto on drums and DJ Lethal on turntables, played live together for the first time since 2012 at the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood, California! A few days later, the band headlined Musink Fest in Costa Mesa, California, as well. As most of you followers know, we were at both shows and managed to bring home some videos for your pleasure! We finally got both show pages ready. All the information about both shows, including setlist, show info, other info as well as pictures and videos can be seen here:

2019.03.05 West Hollywood, CA, Troubadour
2019.03.09 Costa Mesa, CA – Musink Fest

To top it off, we have the full Troubadour show for your ears! A huge thanks goes out to taper “innnerturmoil” for also audio recording this show, besides us, and sharing it! The original plan was to post the own recorded audio that you were able to hear on the videos, but given the fact that, despite having a bit distortion, his source is more enjoyable due to much less chatter and clicking noise, we decided to go with a slight remaster of his version and post that instead.

You can download the full show here:

mp3 version: Download
lossless 16 bit version: Download
lossless 24 bit version: Download