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Limp Bizkit and their related bands concert souvenirs

Have you been to a Limp Bizkit or their related bands show and brought home souvenirs such as setlist / schedule papers, a ticket stub, any kind of passes, wristbands, show posters?
If you don’t mind, feel free to send us ticket scans of upcoming shows as well. We will not publish them online until AFTER the performance for safety reasons.
This includes E-Mail Ticket stubs as well. If you would like us to blur out or cut your name on the ticket, we can do that – just include a note in the E-Mail for us, please!

If you have anything that you believe to be useful for us (and of course, any items listed above), please send them to us via E-Mail to the adress below.



Scan instructions:
If you are submitting a paper or hard covered ticket, setlist or schedule paper, wristbands or other item to us, please scan at 300dpi or higher (600dpi is preferred).
Scans may be uncropped/unedited, please make sure your scanner doesn’t auto crop!


We will honor every useful scan and picture submission with a mention of your name at our Contributors & Thank You page.