Fred Durst – 2017.12.15 West Hollywood, California

Date: 15th December, 2017
Location: West Hollywood, California, USA
Venue: The Roxy
Performing Act: Royal Machines
Other Bands: *, Vista Kicks

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xx. Man In The Box (Alice In Chains cover)                                                      w/ Franky Perez
xx. Enter Sandman (Metallica cover)                                                                w/ Franky Perez
xx. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover)                                                                          w/ Steve Stevens
xx. Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith cover)                                                               w/ Fred Durst
xx. You Really Got Me (The Kinks cover)                                                         w/ Fred Durst
xx. It’s Tricky (Run D.M.C. cover)                                                                     w/ Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels & Fred Durst
xx. Black Betty (Ram Jam cover)                                                                     w/ Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels
xx. Walk This Way (Aerosmith cover)                                                               w/ Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels
xx. Mountain Song (Jane’s Addiction cover)                                                    w/ Perry Farrell
xx. Been Caught Stealin’ (Jane’s Addiction cover)                                           w/ Perry Farrell
xx. Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac cover)                                                w/ Perry Farrell & Ette Ferrell


Show Notes:
– Fred joined Royal Machines for ‘Sweet Emotion’ (Aerosmith cover) ‘You Really Got Me’ (The Kinks cover) and ‘It’s Tricky (Run D.M.C. cover).
– After ‘Rebel Yell’ (Billy Idol cover), Billy Morrison made a shoutout to Fred who watched the show from the audience and let the crowd know that he was in the venue. Fred had his microphone ready and sang ‘Sweet Emotion’ and ‘You Really Got Me’ from the crowd before going on stage after the latter and introducing Darryl “D.M.C. McDaniels. He then stayed sidestage for ‘It’s Tricky’ (Run D.M.C. cover) and sang along during the chorus.
– Fred sang the “he said she said bullshit” lines of Break Stuff during the solo section of ‘Sweet Emotion’ (Aerosmith cover).
– Drummer Josh Freese was not in attendance at the Friday show. Instead, Billy Idol’s at the time touring drummer Erik Eldenius filled in for him.


Other Notes:
– Sold out show.
– Incomplete setlist. These songs and infos came from videos and a review. If you were there and know the full setlist, please let us know!
– Gabe was in attendance as well and filmed Fred going through the crowd during ‘You Really Got Me’ (The Kinks cover).