1995.09.24 Jacksonville, Florida

Date: 24th September, 1995
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Venue: Milk Bar
Other Bands: The Bloodhound Gang, *

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Other Notes:
– Scott Borland, Wes’s brother, played the samples.
– If you know a full or partial setlist for this show, please let us know!
– The Bloodhound Gang made a blog post about this show on their page and says:
A show that I will never forget. Tonight we played with a local band named Limp Bizkit. That’s right kids, that Limp Bizkit. We showed up for the show and they were already there. Really nice guys and knew the club and surrounding area very well.
We watched the band play and then they watched us play, other than that there weren’t many people around. The band was good, this was long before they had been signed and added D.J. Lethal to their lineup. Back then, Wes’ brother, Scott, handled all of the sampling duties, via a keyboard. He later went on to record with Vanilla Ice and is now in Wes’ post-Limp Bizkit project, Eat The Day, who oddly enough my wife has worked for in the past. I feel like I’m playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, who by the way is excellent in Stir Of Echoes, which Evil and I have watched no less than one hundred times. Anyway, the show was nothing special, although it was goth night in the main room, so Limp Bizkit and all of us spent most of the night watching goths dance and drinking beer. After the show we wound up back at the promoter’s house playing kickball in the street with a bunch of goths and Fred Durst. Later that evening (we slept at the promoter’s house) we discovered we had packed up Sam’s (Limp Bizkit bass player) bass guitar, so we returned it to them. Years later we all joked about that show when we played together again. Funny to think that two nobody bands wound up where we are today. The next morning, we were all woken up to the sounds of the promoter’s band practicing. Jimmy Pop can still recall the exact notes of the song that they played, because it was just a loop that they kept playing over and over again.