1997.03.27 Lewiston, Maine

Date: 27th March, 1997
Location: Lewiston, Maine, USA
Venue: Central Maine Civic Center
Tour: KoRn’s Life Is Peachy Tour
Show #: 16 of 18
Other Bands: KoRn, Helmet, *

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01. Pollution
02. Leech
03. Thieves (Ministry cover)
04. Nobody Loves Me
05. Blind (KoRn cover)
06. Wicked (Ice Cube cover)
07. Indigo Flow
08. Counterfeit
09. Jump Around (House Of Pain cover)
10. Faith (George Michael cover)


Other Notes:
– Fred joined KoRn for ‘Wicked’ (Ice Cube cover).
– Thanks to setlist.fm user “amarth1972” for confirming the setlist!