1997.06.02 Le-Petit-Quevilly, France

Date: 02nd June, 1997
Location: Le-Petit-Quévilly, Normandie, France
Venue: Exo 7
Tour: KoRn’s Life Is Peachy Tour
Show #: 11 of 12
Other Bands: KoRn, Helmet, *

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xx. Faith (George Michael cover)


Show Notes:
– Fred performed ‘Faith’ (George Michael cover) entirely naked in order to win a bet with KoRn. Fred said afterwards:
“I played naked in France because Jonathan and his Korn dogs decided to give me five hundred dollars to do it and I did it because I was broke … . I needed money so they said five hundred bucks if I got naked and sang ‘Faith,’ and it was pretty embarassing because my little bobo had shriveled up into negative form and sucked up into my body. This was where the helmet took a dive ya know, when I was on the stage in front of thousands of people.”


Other Notes:
– Incomplete setlist. This song and the info came from a french book about KoRn. If you were there and know the full or a partial setlist for this show, please let us know!