1997.07.03 Carson, California

Date: 03rd July, 1997
Location: Carson, California, USA
Venue: Olympic Velodrome
Tour: Vans Warped Tour
Show #: 2 of 30
Other Bands: blink-182, Pennywise, Millencolin, Sick Of It All, Descedents, Lo Presher, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Royal Crown Avenue, Sun Child, 22 Jacks, Buck-O-Nine, The Get Up Kids, Hepcat, The Vandals, Weston

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xx. Pollution
xx. Stuck


Show Notes:
– Sen Dog of Cypress Hill / SX-10 joined the band for ‘Stuck’.


Other Notes:
– Incomplete setlist. These songs came from Fred’s post for the Warped Tour’s Road Reports. If you were there and know the full setlist, please let us know!
– Fred’s post for the Warped Tour’s Road Reports can be read here:

Thursday July 3,

“L.A. BABY” its all good!! We love wakin’ up in the middle of a hot ass parking lot. We got a nice wake up call from the ALKOHOLIKS knowing that we were feeling the effects from last night’s beer consumption. Damn was it hot. The venue is some kind of Olympic 10 speed track or something, no shade to be found. Started the morning out with a nice fight with one of the security guards because I wanted one of my guests to go back stage with me and this staff pro jock just wanted to fight anyone not wearing tight levis and a marine haircut. I told him to take his job more seriously and suck a dick up till he hiccups then I had some raisin bran to keep it flowin’. Limp Bizkit hits the stage at 3:30 so I had time to catch BLINK 182, they fukin’ rule!! I got to see the ALKOHOLIKS too, they got the crowd way hype for us. We hit the stage with “POLLUTION” and it was all over from there. Super phat show, the crowd was gettin’ down. I mean the shit was TIGHT!! We finished the set with “STUCK” with a special appearance by SIN DOG, former CYPRESS HILL vocalist now in SX10. ended it with a bang G.

GIRLS-GIRLS-GIRLS are definitely overcrowding this city. We couldn’t see 2 feet ahead of us through all the hineez, well maybe there weren’t that many, but I know there were at least 1 or 2 a few hundred feet away just holding themselves back from us. We couldn’t seem to quench our thirsts with only 2 cases of brewhah so we busted out a couple more. That seemed to do the trick.

I couldn’t keep myself away from the vert ramp for too long because I never like to miss NEAL HENDRIX abuse the terrain before my day is complete. Another vital part of my day was SOCIAL DISTORTION. I’ve been listening to them for years and they still keep tearin’ the damn stage up(goose bumps best describe the impaction). It seems to be too good to be true to be having so much damn fun “working”. ITS ALL GOOD, right?

nite falls. buses load up and head out. time to go. time to kick pamela anderson off my bus now. until tomorrow. keep it real!!

limp bizkit