1997.07.22 Cleveland, Ohio

Date: 22nd July, 1997
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Venue: Agora Ballroom Parking Lot
Tour: Vans Warped Tour
Show #: 17 of 30
Other Bands: blink-182, Pennywise, Millencolin, Sick Of It All, Social Distortion, Descedents, Lo Presher, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Royal Crown Avenue, Sun Child, Less Than Jake, The Bouncing Souls, Fat, H₂O, Hepcat, Lagwagon, Sugar Ray, The Suicide Machines

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01. Pollution
02. Nobody Loves Me
03. Counterfeit
04. Faith (George Michael cover)
05. Stuck


Other Notes:
– Setlist confirmed by Spu!
– A review of the show by Spu says:
“Limp Bizkit suprisingly took the stage very late in the day. As the big name acts like the Bosstones, Sugar Ray, Social D…etc. already played….. Limp Bizkit thought their would be a shitty turn out for their set. As the other band on the 2nd stage was well over their time Fred and da boyz came up on stage and flipping off the crowd that was patiently waiting for them. Bizkit on stage for about 5-10 mins. decided enough was enough and started playing when the other band was still playing on the 2nd stage.”