1997.11.04 Toledo, Ohio

Date: 04th November, 1997
Location: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Venue: The Asylum
Other Bands: *,

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01. Everything
02. Pollution
03. Stink Finger
04. Counterfeit
05. Clunk
06. Thieves (Ministry cover)
07. Nobody Loves Me
08. Leech
09. Indigo Flow
10. Breaking My Back
11. Faith (George Michael cover)
12. Stuck


Source 1: Video – AUD (Unknown VHS-C Camcorder) (Center Angle)
Taper: Josh
Time: 58:57 mins
Format: DVD M
Comments: Obtained in 2017.


Show Notes:
– Despite having played the song at the previous two shows in Detroit and Kalamazoo Fred commented: “We have never played that song live, but fuck it, we got a new song right here that we just wrote. We’ll unleash it right for you motherfuckers here in Toledo. You better wake the hell up.”
– During ‘Everything’, Fred came on stage with a bottle of (what looked like) Rum or Tequila. After ‘Nobody Loves Me’, he took that bottle and had people drink from it and then joked that the bottle had tea inside. Before the second verse of ‘Stuck’, he took that bottle again and commented “I could be like Skid Row and throw this bottle to the ground”, but he didn’t and commented “stage is slippery as a motherfucker”.
– Most of the bridge of ‘Counterfeit’ didn’t have vocals by Fred, instead he talked to the crowd.
– When introducing ‘Stuck’, Fred said “The reality is: not all women are bitches and not all bitches are women, but there is one bitch in particular named Kathleen, she’s a fucking whore, I’ll take a shit in that bitches mouth and beat the shit out of her if I have to. I don’t give a fuck, we ain’t supposed to hit women, women ain’t supposed to fuck with men, you fellas know what I’m talking about. When someone in the front row tried to grab him, he commented “come on baby, my dick is really small, trust me” before he started the song.
– Fred threw his mic on the stage at the end of the show due to fights errupting in the crowd.


Other Notes:
– This was a headline show in between the Primus Tour. Admission was 4$.


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