1997.12.13 St. Paul, Minnesota

Date: 13th December, 1997
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Venue: Roy Wilkins Auditorium
Event: 93X Mad Ball
Show #: 16 of 16
Other Bands: Deftones, *, Blue Öyster Cult, Sevendust, Snot, Dokken, Jackyl

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01. Stuck
02. Pollution
03. Leech
04. Thieves (Ministry cover)
05. Nobody Loves Me
06. Counterfeit
07. Faith (George Michael cover)


Source 1: Video – AUD (2 cam mix)
Taper: Unknown
Time: 33:29 mins
Format: DVD (low)
Comments: Includes Soundboard audio.

Source 2: Video – AUD (Unknown Hi8 camera) (Center Angle)
Taper: Chris (MNLiveVideo)
Time: 34:04 mins
Format: DVD M
Comments: Uncirculated until 2019 when Felipe obtained it.

Source 3: Video – AUD (Unknown Hi8 camera) (Stage shot)
Taper: Unknown
Time: 33 mins
Format: DVD (1st gen)
Comments: Uncirculated.


Show Notes:
– Fred plagued in ear monitor issues at this show. Before he continued with the second verse of ‘Stuck’, he told the monitor sound engineer to fix his monitor and cursed at him since he wasn’t able to fix them. Later, before ‘Faith’ (George Michael cover), Fred had the crowd boo at him. During ‘Faith’ (George Michael cover), Fred didn’t scream “get the fuck up”, but yelled “shut the fuck up” at the monitor sound engineer instead.
– Fred stage-dived into the crowd during the end of ‘Faith’ (George Michael cover).


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