1998.05.15 Manchester, England

Date: 15th May, 1998
Location: Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Venue: Manchester Academy
Tour: Soulfly’s The Song Remains Insane European Tour
Show #: 1 of 12
Other Bands: Soulfly, *, Cold

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01. Pollution
02. Thieves (Ministry cover)
03. Nobody Loves Me
04. Cambodia
05. Jump Around (House Of Pain cover)
06. Blind (KoRn cover)
07. Indigo Flow
08. Sour
09. Counterfeit
10. Stuck
11. Faith (George Michael cover)


Other Notes:
– This show was supposed to take place at the Student’s Union Main Debating Hall but had been upgraded to Manchester Academy.
– Fred joined Soulfly for ‘Bleed’ but his microphone didn’t work most of the song.
– Correct setlist order unconfirmed.
– A review of the show said:
“A decent sound check was performed before Limp Bizkit came on stage. The difference was incredible, no longer were the guitars quite so raw and you could here the other instruments. The Limp Bizkit set started out with the house lights going out and the intro playing, the lights came on and the Bizkit were on the stage. Fred Durst was quite obviously enjoying himself as he bounded around the stage during ‘Pollution’. The lead guitarist was wearing a skeleton costume and was quite happy jumping around for the whole set. DJ Lethal had a insane grin on his face as he mixed away on his desk at the back. Bizkit played a ministry cover and ‘Nobody loves me’, during this Fred climbed on the PA system and during the last verse kept threatening to jump into the crowd. Just after the chorus he launched himself into the air and dowwwnnn into the crowd only to emerge back on stage for the end of the song. They played a song I didn’t recognise then Fred spotted someone in the crowd. ‘Shit, look at that fat bastard’ he yelled ‘Come on everyone chant – You fat bastard, you fat bastard’ With that the Academy was alive with the chant. They played a cover of House Of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’, then Fred decided to have some fun. ‘Ok everyone – who likes our daddy band Korn?’ A huge cheer came from the crowd. ‘Ok, this one is dedicated to Korn’, the band started to pump out the introduction to Korn’s ‘Blind’ and the place went nuts, Fred growled ‘Are you ready?’ we went YEAH! Then the music stopped and Fred yelled ‘Well fuck you – were not gonna play it’. Bizkit obviously found this hilarious as they were doubled over in laugher, the crowd, however, did not. The rest of the set consisted of ‘Counterfeit’, ‘Indigo Flow’, ‘Stuck’ and ‘Sour’ (not necessarily in that order). The last song they played was ‘Faith’ – dedicated to ‘All the men out there who have been screwed over by women’. Fred invited some women onto the stage but made the mistake of letting them sing – they were terrible and
it ruined the song. Limp Bizkit left to cheers and applause. Soulfly set -> then came ‘Bleed’. This was unfortunately spoilt by Fred Durst’s microphone not working at all. “


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