1998.06.20 Memphis, Tennessee

Date: 20th June, 1998
Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Venue: New Daisy Theatre
Tour: Pre-Ozzfest Tour
Show #: 4 of 13
Other Bands: *, Incubus, Cold, Staind

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xx. Pollution
xx. Leech
xx. Everything
xx. Sour
xx. Nobody Loves Me
xx. Clunk
xx. Stink Finger
xx. Stuck
xx. Counterfeit
xx. Faith (George Michael cover)


Other Notes:
– Full setlist unknown. These songs came from Setlist.fm user “MrButtcheeks79” as he entered all songs off Three Dollar Bill, Y’All and added: “not sure but only 1 song from the album Limp Bizkit neglected to play and the song might be clunk… or stink finger”. Since Stalemate was never fully confirmed to have been played in that timeframe, we assume that this was the song that has not been played.
– Thanks to Nathan Wynn for the pictures from the show!


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