1998.08.17 West Hollywood, California

Date: 17th August, 1998
Location: West Hollywood, California, USA
Venue: Key Club
Event: Shooting video for Faith
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xx. Counterfeit
xx. Jump Around (House Of Pain cover)
xx. Faith (George Michael cover)
xx. Faith (George Michael cover)
xx. Faith (George Michael cover)


Show Notes:
– Fieldy from KoRn joined the band on stage at one point, however it is unknown when.
– ‘Faith’ (George Michael cover) was played 3 times for the show. The first take had the band performing the song. After playing the song for the first time, Durst invited female fans in the crowd to jump up onto the stage, challenging them to get crazier than the males in the crowd. The band invited a male fan onstage for the last take to sing the song but interrupted his performance before the song was over. “This guy can’t sing worth shit,” Fred said as he pushed the fan back into the pit.


Other Notes:
– This was a free show for 500 people to shoot scenes for the upcoming video for ‘Faith’ (George Michael cover). However, the footage did not make it into the video because the band was not satisfied with the outcome. Scenes from the Family Values Tour were shot and used instead.
– Full setlist unconfirmed, the report said: “With the cameras rolling, Limp Bizkit warmed up the crowd by playing a mixture of covers, including House of Pain’s staple “Jump Around” and the Three Dollar Bill, Y’all track “Counterfeit”. They closed the mini-show with three runs at “Faith.”. If you know the full setlist please let us know!
– Mike Einziger, guitarrist of ‘Incubus’, was in attendance for the shoot as well as KoRn who watched the show from the balcony.