1999.07.06 Jacksonville, Florida

Date: 06th July, 1999
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Venue: Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Tour: Limptropolis
Show #: 11 of 23
Other Bands: *, Kid Rock, Staind

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xx. Just Like This
xx. Show Me What You Got
xx. 9 Teen 90 Nine
xx. Re-Arranged
xx. I’m Broke
xx. Thieves (Ministry cover)
xx. Stuck
xx. No Sex
xx. A Lesson Learned
xx. Break Stuff
xx. Nookie
xx. Faith (George Michael cover)


Source 1: Video – PROSHOT (MTV)
Taper: Unknown
Time: 20 mins
Format: DVD (1st gen)
Comments: MTV Diary Tour Special including clips of ‘Just Like This’ and Fred breaking his ankle during ‘Thieves’.


Show Notes:
– Fred made a shoutout to his parents and all the parents of the rest of the band before ‘Thieves’ (Ministry cover).
– Fred went into the soundboard during ‘Thieves’ (Ministry cover). During one of the choruses he sprained his ankle severely when he jumped on a box inside the soundboard. He was able to finish the show, but had to cancel the following show in Orlando.
– Aaron Lewis from Staind joined the band for ‘No Sex’.


Other Notes:
– This show was supposed to take place at Nation (capacity 2000) but was moved to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on short notice due to overwhelming demand. 5000 people were in attendance.
– Incomplete setlist. These songs came from two reviews. If you were at the show and know the full setlist, please let us know!


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