2000.07.27 Villa Park, Illinois

Date: 27th July, 2000
Location: Villa Park, Illinois, USA
Venue: Odeum Sports and Expo Center
Tour: Back 2 Basics
Show #: 11 of 23
Other Bands: *, Cypress Hill, Alcoholica

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xx. Break Stuff
xx. Faith (George Michael cover)
xx. Re-Arranged
xx. Thieves (Ministry cover)
xx. Take A Look Around
xx. Nookie


Show Notes:
– At one point during the show, Fred climbed to the top of the chain-link fence and stagedived about 30 feet deep into the crowd. When he was pulled out of the crowd, fans stripped him of his shirt and shoes. Before ‘Thieves’ (Ministry cover), Fred cursed against the crowd for stealing his shoes before telling Wes to start the song.


Other Notes:
– Incomplete setlist. These songs and info came from a review posted in 2000. If you were at the show and know the full setlist, please let us know!
– 3500 people were in attendance.
– Thanks to RollingStone for the pictures!


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