2003.07.05 Toronto, Ontario

Date: 05th July, 2003
Location: Toronto, Ontario, USA
Venue: SkyDome
Tour: Metallica’s “Summer Sanitarium” Tour
Show #: 2 of 19
Other Bands: Metallica, *, Linkin Park, Deftones, Mudvayne

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01. Hot Dog
02. My Generation
03. Break Stuff
04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Metallica cover)
05. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
06. My Way
07. Thieves (Ministry cover)
08. Head For The Barricade
09. Nookie
10. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
11. Take A Look Around
12. Full Nelson
13. Faith (George Michael cover)


Show Notes:
– DJ Lethal threw flames with a flamethrower during ‘Thieves’ (Ministry cover).


Other Notes:
– 38000 people were in attendance.
– Thanks to multiple reviews we were able to confirm that the band played the same setlist as the night before in Pontiac!


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