2003.09.02 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date: 02nd September, 2003
Location: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Venue: Heineken Music Hall
Tour: Europe
Show #: 3 of 6
Other Bands: *, InMe

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01. Hot Dog
02. My Generation
03. Break Stuff
04. My Way
05. Thieves (Ministry cover)
06. Nookie
07. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
08. Take A Look Around
09. Eat You Alive
10. Gimme The Mic
11. Full Nelson
12. Faith (George Michael cover)


Show Notes:
– This was the first time that ‘Eat You Alive’ and ‘Gimme The Mic’ have been played live.
– Fred went into the crowd during the bridge of ‘Break Stuff’.
– Fred performed ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ (The Who cover) from the gallery in the back of the venue. After the song, he went to the soundboard to perform ‘Take A Look Around’ from there. During the song, someone threw a cup with coke into the PA, causing the PA to drop out. However, the band kept playing the rest of the show through the stage PA, causing attendees to not hear the band at all anymore. The sound mixing crew tried to fix the PA while the band was playing but was not able to fully recover the PA anymore. This caused many fans leaving disappointed and asking for refunds after the show.
– Fred got fans up on stage for ‘My Way’ and ‘Thieves’ (Ministry cover).