2009.06.21 Nickelsdorf, Austria

Date: 21st June, 2009
Location: Nickelsdorf, Burgenland, Austria
Venue: Pannonia Fields II
Festival: Nova Rock
Stage: Blue Stage
Tour: Unicorns ‘N’ Rainbows
Show #: 19 of 25
Other Bands: Die Toten Hosen, *, Guano Apes, Madsen, Less Than Jake, Duff McKeagan’s Loaded, 3 Feet Smaller, Kilians, Zeronic

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01. My Generation
02. Livin’ It Up
03. Show Me What You Got
04. Eat You Alive
05. Hot Dog
06. Re-Arranged
07. Break Stuff
08. Boiler
09. My Way
10. Nookie
11. Rollin (Air Raid Vehicle)
12. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
13. Faith (George Michael cover)
14. Take A Look Around


Source 1: Audio – AUD (MBHO MBP 603 A / KA 200 N > Sony XLR-1 > Sony PCM-D50 (LineIn, LCF@75Hz) @ 24/48)
Taper: dkarDaGobert
Time: 77:24 mins
Format: lossless
Comments: Full Show. Excellent recording. 24 bit version is uncirculated, only a 16 bit version circulates.

Source 2: Video – AUD (Unknown) (Left Angle)
Taper: Het2006
Time: 75:30 mins
Format: DVD M
Comments: Full Show except for the very beginning. First cam used for the first 55 minutes, additional second cam for the last 20 minutes.


Show Notes:
– Fred made a shoutout to Sevendust during the intro of ‘Livin’ It Up’.
– At the end of ‘Boiler’, Fred sung the chorus acapella with the crowd joining in.
– The middle section of ‘Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)’ was slightly extended with Fred extending the “hey ladies” part.
– One shotgun sample was played over the PA at the very end of ‘Take A Look Around’.


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