2010.08.16 Eindhoven, Netherlands

Date: 16th August, 2010
Location: Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Venue: Effenaar
Tour: Gold Cobra Europe
Event: Public Rehearsal
Show #: 1 of 2

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01. Walking Away
02. Livin’ It Up
03. Stuck
04. My Generation
05. Hot Dog
06. Eat You Alive
07. Nookie
08. Pollution
09. My Way
10. Break Stuff


Source 1: Video – AUD (Unknown HD Digicam) (Center Angle)
Taper: squertes (Rob)
Time: 51:52 mins
Format: .mts (720p)
Comments: Shot from the first row. ‘Pollution’ has a cut between the second chorus and the beginning of the bridge and ‘Break Stuff’ is cut during the second chorus. Uploaded on YouTube the day after.


Show Notes:
– The band invited 250 attendees of the show at the same venue two days later to visit the band rehearsing in the venue. This was day one of two. Fred was absent on this day as he was busy with press conferences and Interviews for magainzes and TV.
– ‘Stuck’ was played until the first chorus.
– Wes started ‘Hot Dog’ straight after ‘My Generation’ but stopped.
– DJ Lethal played the intro sample of ‘N 2 Gether Now’, the “think about it” sample of ‘Re-Arranged’ and the “throw your hands up” sample from ‘Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle). Sam jammed the first basslines of ‘Everything’ while Wes tuned his guitar by playing the first notes of ‘Master Of Puppets’ by Metallica before ‘Hot Dog’ was played.
– Someone from the crowd greeted Wes after ‘Hot Dog’, causing him to greet everyone back and mentions that this was the first time ever the band has ever done this and added that it feels like a weird show for him.
– When Wes asked the crowd for song requests, someone requested ‘Why Try’. Wes commented that the song has not been practiced yet. After more requests were shouted from the crowd, Wes said that ‘Eat You Alive’ would be played followed by ‘Nookie’.
– After ‘Eat You Alive’, someone in the crowd shouted ‘Head For The Barricade’, causing DJ Lethal to play the “fake” sample.
– Before ‘Nookie’, DJ Lethal played his remix of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
– When Wes was asked about his experiences in the Netherlands so far, he told the crowd a story.
– The crowd requested ‘Pollution’ before it was played. A fan was brought up to sing on the song.
– After ‘Pollution’, Wes and DJ Lethal optimized the intro of ‘Walking Away’. Then DJ Lethal played a couple interludes, including the the Ghostbusters interlude before ‘My Way’ was played.
– Singer Timo from the Dutch band ‘Blizzard’ joined the band for ‘Break Stuff’.
– Wes didn’t sing his backup vocals on ‘Stuck’, ‘Eat You Alive’, ‘Pollution’, ‘My Way’ and ‘Break Stuff’.