2010.08.17 Eindhoven, Netherlands

Date: 17th August, 2010
Location: Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Venue: Effenaar
Tour: Gold Cobra Europe
Event: Public Rehearsal
Show #: 2 of 2

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xx. Re-Arranged
xx. 9 Teen 90 Nine
xx. Boiler
xx. Stalemate
xx. Full Nelson
xx. The One
xx. It’ll Be OK
xx. Clunk
xx. No Sex
xx. Shark Attack
xx. Almost Over
xx. Walking Away


Show Notes:
– The band invited 250 attendees of the show at the same venue one day later to visit the band rehearsing in the venue. This was day two of two and Fred was back after he was absent the day before.
– Fred sang the first lines of ‘Sweet Child ‘O Mine’ by Guns ‘N’ Roses over the outro of ‘Re-Arranged’.
– Wes’s guitar didn’t work during the first half of the intro kick in of ‘9 Teen 90 Nine’, but he was able to fix it. Fred skipped a couple lines of the song as well. This was the first time that the song was played in front of any kind of audience since the 2001.05.08 Mexico City show.
– ‘Stalemate’ has been started and played until the start of the first chorus before the band played ‘Full Nelson’.
– ‘Clunk’ was jammed until the first chorus. This was the first time since 1998 that the song was played in any form in front of any kind of audience. After that, Sam jammed the intro bassline of ‘Everything’.
– The intro of ‘No Sex’ was played. Since Fred couldn’t remember much of the song, the band didn’t continue playing it.
– ‘Shark Attack’ was rehearsed twice, with the first try getting stopped during the bridge to let Wes tune his guitar properly for this part of the song. The second try was the full song without breaks. These two performances were the only time ever that the song was played in front of any kind of audience.
– ‘Almost Over’ was played until the bridge before Wes and John stopped. The song was continued after a minute but Fred rapped different lyrics over the pre-chorus after the bridge.
– Fred went into the center of the crowd for ‘Walking Away’ to sing the song there. After that, he went back on stage. This was the first full-band performance of the song in front of any kind of audience.


Other Notes:
– The order of the songs played is unknown, but we know that ‘Full Nelson’ followed straight after the intro jam of ‘Stalemate’ and ‘The One’ after ‘Full Nelson’. ‘Walking Away’ was also the last song that was played. If you have any info please let us know!