2010.09.03 Stuttgart, Germany

Date: 03rd September, 2010
Location: Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Venue: Porsche Arena
Tour: Gold Cobra Europe
Show #: 10 of 29
Other Bands: *, DJ Julian Smith

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01. Why Try
02. My Generation
03. Livin’ It Up
04. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
05. It’ll Be OK
06. Boiler
07. Eat You Alive
08. My Way
09. Break Stuff
10. Walking Away
11. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
12. Yellow (Coldplay cover)
13. Hot Dog
14. Take A Look Around
15. Nookie
16. Faith (George Michael cover)


Source 1: Video – AUD (Panasonic NV-GS 180) (Right Angle #1)
Taper: Corri
Time: 102 mins
Format: DVD M
Comments: Full show.

Source 2: Video – AUD (Panasonic DMC-TZ7) (Right Angle #2)
Taper: Vonholdt
Time: 102:54 mins
Format: .mts (720p) / 10.9 GB
Comments: Short cuts between songs. Includes aftershow clip with Fred signing autographs.


Show Notes:
– This was the first time ever that the band covered ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay.
– The setlist had ‘9 Teen 90 Nine’ or ‘Eat You Alive’ written after ‘Boiler’. The band decided to play ‘Eat You Alive’.
– Fred brought Max Avedisian, videographer and member of The Armpit at the time, on stage before ‘Nookie’ to announce that it was his birthday today. Fred made a shoutout to The Armpit and as celebration, Fred asked the crowd to yell “fuck you” as loud as they could at Max.
– During ‘Nookie’, a fan stormed the stage from side stage, causing Fred to first jump with him, then tackle him down until his bodyguard arrived.


Other Notes:
– 4500 people were in attendance.


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