2012.05.25 Getafe, Spain

Date: 25th May, 2012
Location: Getafe, Madrid, Spain
Venue: Getafe Open Air
Festival: Sonisphere Spain
Tour: Poopy European Summer Tour
Show #: 1 of 14
Other Bands: Soundgarden, The Offspring, *, Machine Head, Sonata Artica, Kyuss Lives!, Paradise Lost, Corrosion Of Conformity, Orange Goblin, Rise To Remain, Kobra And The Lotus, Skindred, Six Hour Sundown

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01. Why Try
02. Break Stuff
03. Hot Dog
04. My Generation
05. Livin’ It Up
06. Eat You Alive
07. My Way
08. Take A Look Around
09. Faith (George Michael cover)
10. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)


Show Notes:
– Why Try’ has only been played until the second chorus and went into ‘Break Stuff’.
– Fred picked up a fan before ‘Eat You Alive’ to let him sing the song.
– This was the first show with Franko Carino aka DJ Sk3l3tOr aka DJ Franko behind the turntables. His rig was built up behind John’s drumkit, leaving DJ Lethal’s former place not filled. He wore a darth vader mask until he has been fully integrated in the band’s touring crew in 2013.


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