2013.06.08 Amnéville, France

Date: 08th June, 2013
Location: Amnéville, Lorraine, France
Venue: Snowhall Parc
Festival: Sonisphere France
Stage: Apollo
Tour: European Summer Tour
Show #: 2 of 14
Other Bands: *, Slayer, Motörhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Behemoth, Crucified Barbara, Headcharger

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01. Why Try
02. Full Nelson
03. Hot Dog
04. My Generation
05. Livin’ It Up
06. Break Stuff
07. My Way
08. Faith (George Michael cover)
09. Eat You Alive
10. Leech
11. I’m Broke
12. Counterfeit
13. Pollution
14. Take A Look Around
15. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)


Source 1: Video – AUD (Canon HF200)
Taper: jowelcase
Time: 50 mins
Format: .mts (1080p)
Comments: Cuts in during the second chorus of ‘My Generation’. Distant shot. Digital zoom used for closeups. Uncirculated.


Show Notes:
– ‘Leech’ and ‘I’m Broke’ made surprise appearances at this show. This unique festival setlist was played as reaction for negative comments after the Rock Am Ring show the night before.
– ‘Counterfeit’ has been aborted after the second chorus and went straight to ‘Pollution’ which ended after the first chorus and then led to ‘Take A Look Around.


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