2013.11.09 Stockholm, Sweden

Date: 09th November, 2013
Location: Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Fryshuset Klubben
Tour: Europe + Russia
Show #: 4 of 16
Other Bands: *, DJ Franko

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01. Pollution
02. Counterfeit
03. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
04. Gold Cobra
05. Hot Dog
06. My Generation
07. Livin’ It Up
08. Sour
09. I’m Broke
10. My Way
11. Re-Arranged
12. Killing In The Name (Rage Against The Machine cover)
13. Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)
14. Nookie
15. Take A Look Around
16. Break Stuff


Source 1: Video – AUD (Panasonic HC-V700) (Center Angle)
Taper: nowfacethetruth
Time: 87 mins
Format: .mp4 (1080p)
Comments: Master files were lost, but a mp4 version still exists.

Source 2: Video – AUD (Unknown digicam) (Left Angle)
Taper: AIKGandolf
Time: ? mins
Format: ?
Comments: Cut between songs. Uploaded on YouTube straight after the show. It is unknown if the master files still exist.


Show Notes:
– ‘Pollution’ and ‘Counterfeit’ were played as a medley and both aborted after the second chorus.
– Wes and John jammed the intro of ‘.. And Justice For All’ by Metallica before ‘Hot Dog’ and the intros of ‘War Pigs’ by Black Sabbath and ‘Alive’ by Pearl Jam before ‘I’m Broke’.
– When somebody requested ‘No Sex’ before ‘My Way’, Fred simply replied with “Yes Sex”.
– Wes threw some guitar plectrums at Fred for fun before starting ‘Re-Arranged’.
– Somebody in the front row requested ‘Stuck’ before ‘Take A Look Around’, causing Wes to jam the verse and Sam to start the intro and stopping right after.
– Second performance of ‘Sour’ this year and most likely the first performance of the song in Europe ever!


Other Notes:
– This was the first time that the band played in Sweden since 2004.
– Sold out show. This was the smallest headline show in Europe until that point with an attendance of 800 people! It was topped when the band played in Lausanne, Switzerland at Les Docks the following year with it’s capacity of 700 people!


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