2013.11.26 Voronezh, Russia

Date: 26th November, 2013
Location: Voronezh, Voronezh Oblast, Russia
Venue: Event-Hall
Tour: Europe + Russia
Show #: 11 of 16
Other Bands: *,

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01. Full Nelson
02. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
03. Hot Dog
04. Bring It Back
05. Gold Cobra
06. My Generation
07. Livin’ It Up
08. Eat You Alive
09. The One
10. Nookie
11. My Way
12. Re-Arranged
13. Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)
14. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
15. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
16. Take A Look Around
17. Break Stuff


Source 1: Video – AUD (Sony DSC-H90) (Right Angle)
Taper: Unknown
Time: ? mins
Format: ?
Comments: Full show uploaded on YouTube but got deleted a few days after. Uncirculated.


Show Notes:
– Wes, Sam and John played the intro of ‘Creeping Death’ by Metallica after the second chorus of ‘Hot Dog’ before continuing the song.
-‘Get A Life’ was on the setlist but replaced with ‘Eat You Alive’ during the show.
– This was the first time that ‘The One’ has been played since the 2010.09.24 Hamburg show.
– The band played a Covers Medley after ‘My Way’, starting with the bridge and intro of ‘Master Of Puppets’ by Metallica and finished with ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ by Guns’N’Roses until the first chorus.
– The band played ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana until the first chorus after the band played ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ by Nirvana, which was played until the second chorus.
– This show had additional production, with screens in the background showing animations.


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