2014.10.08 New York City, New York

Date: 08th October, 2014
Location: New York City, New York, USA
Venue: BestBuy Theater
Tour: No Class US Tour
Show #: 18 of 21
Other Bands: *, Machine Gun Kelly, Blvck Ceiling

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01. Why Try
02. Thieves (Ministry cover)
03. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
04. Hot Dog
05. Bring It Back
06. My Generation
07. Livin’ It Up
08. My Way
09. Eat You Alive
10. Re-Arranged
11. Killing In The Name (Rage Against The Machine cover)
12. Faith (George Michael cover)
13. Welcome To The Jungle (Guns’N’Roses cover)
14. Take A Look Around
15. Break Stuff


Show Notes:
– The band started jamming ‘Master Of Puppets’ by Metallica after the second chorus of ‘Hot Dog’ for the first time at this show.
– Fred walked around the venue during ‘Eat You Alive’.
– Fred made a shoutout to Axl Rose after the band played ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ (Guns’N’Roses cover) until the first chorus!


Other Notes:
– Soundcheck included ‘Stalemate’ with Gabe doing vocals for fun.


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