2016.08.27 Wroclaw, Poland

Date: 27th August, 2016
Location: Wrocław, Dolnośląskie, Poland
Venue: Stadion Miejski
Festival: Capital Of Rock
Tour: European Summer Tour
Show #: 15 of 15
Other Bands: Rammstein, *, Gojira, OCN

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01. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
02. Hot Dog
03. Gold Cobra
04. My Generation
05. Livin’ It Up
06. Eat You Alive
07. Faith (George Michael cover)
08. Nookie
09. My Way
10. Nirvana Medley
11. Break Stuff
12. Take A Look Around


Source 1: Audio – AUD (SP-CMC-4 > 3-wired Battery box > Zoom H2)
Time: 73 mins
Format: lossless
Comments: Lossless uncirculated.

Source 2: Audio – AUD (Zoom H2 w/ internal mics)
Taper: system1989
Time: ? mins
Format: lossless
Comments: Uncirculated.

Source 3: Video – AUD (Panasonic HC-VX870) (Left Angle #1)
Time: ? mins
Format: BluRay (1080p)
Comments: Uncirculated.

Source 4: Video – AUD (Panasonic HC-VX870) (Right Angle)
Taper: Gonzo1125
Time: ? mins
Format: .mts (1080p)
Comments: Uncirculated.

Source 5: Video – AUD (Panasonic HC-V550) (Left Angle #2)
Taper: system1989
Time: ? mins
Format: .mts (1080p)
Comments: Uncirculated.

Source 6: Video – AUD (Panasonic HC-VX700) (Right Angle #2)
Taper: jederlacht
Time: 27 mins
Format: BluRay (1080p)
Comments: Incomplete. Tapers notes: “Previously this was meant to be a tripod shot but during Hot Dog some bitches totally obstructed our entire view so I took my camera and started filming with hands, later a lot of people were going thru our seats so we had to move several times which you can see on the recording. During “Gold Cobra” I totally got pissed off so I gave up on the filming and only partially did “Eat You Alive” and full “Nookie”.”


Show Notes:
– Fred sang the first lines of ‘Du Hast’ by Rammstein as introduction for ‘Faith’ (George Michael cover).
– The band played a Nirvana Medley after ‘My Way’, consisting of ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ until the first chorus.


Other Notes:
– Bullet For My Valentine were supposed to play before the band, but had to cancel three days before due to a Typhoon. Gojira played instead.
– Sold out show. 45000 people were in attendance.


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