2022.05.21 Gary, Indiana

Date: 21st May, 2022
Location: Gary, Indiana, USA
Venue: Hard Rock Live Northern Indiana
Tour: Still Sucks US Tour
Show #: 13 of 19
Other Bands: *, Yung Gravy, Dying Wish, Wargasm UK

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01. Show Me What You Got
02. Bring It Back
03. Thieves (Ministry cover)
04. Hot Dog
05. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
06. My Way
07. Dirty Rotten Bizkit
08. My Generation
09. Livin’ It Up
10. Re-Arranged
11. Killing In The Name (Rage Against The Machine cover)
12. Nookie
13. Full Nelson
14. Counterfeit
15. Faith (George Michael cover)
16. Gold Cobra
17. Take A Look Around
18. Break Stuff


Show Notes:
– The dad recliner was not on stage for the third and last time out of only three shows on the tour. Therefore, ‘Dad Vibes’ was dropped again for this show.
– This was the second of two times in 2022 that the ‘Space Odyssey’ sample served as show intro. However unlike the show in Mexico City the band didn’t perform their instrumental rendition of ‘Also sprach Zarathustra, op. 30’ by Richard Strauss after but started ‘Show Me What You Got’ instead. It was also the second of only two performances of that song in 2022.
– This was the first time that ‘Dad Vibes’ and ‘Out Of Style’ were dropped off the setlist since they were implemented into the setlist.
– This was the first time since 2018.03.31 Chiba City that the band performed ‘Bring It Back’ live. It was also the only time that the song was performed in 2022.
– DJ Lethal played the following interludes over the PA at this show: ‘Rawhide’ in A (originally by Frankie Laine, performed by The Blues Brothers) and ‘…Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears (after ‘Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)’) and ‘Party Up (Up In Here) by DMX and ‘Walk’ by Pantera (after ‘Livin’ It Up’).
– The band played ‘Thieves’ (Ministry cover) spontaneously in it’s very short version to get the people going.
– ‘Re-Arranged’ was played until the bridge and went into ‘Killing In The Name’ (Rage Against The Machine cover).
– After ‘Take A Look Around’ the band invited all opening bands on stage and the band’s road crew, starting with Wes’ guitar tech Kadaver, to fake a goodbye including the ‘Saturday Night Live’ outro playing over the PA. Once everyone arrived on stage and “said” their goodbyes, Fred reveals that they “forgot” one song which follows in Wes starting ‘Break Stuff’ and the band playing the song straight. Dying Wish were absent for an unknown reason.


Other Notes:
– This was the first time that the band played in Gary.
– Thanks to Nicholas DeGiorgio for the additional photos.


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